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Our fee structure

Maurice Turnor Gardner takes a flexible and competitive approach to fees.

Transparent and responsive

We recognise that our clients want transparency and a fee structure that helps them understand and control costs.  Once we have established the client’s requirements and aims, we create a tailored fee proposal structured around their needs. 

Where we are asked to help with a large, complex or lengthy project, we are happy to structure it in smaller and more manageable phases, and provide a fee estimate or budget for each phase. Once instructed, we monitor our costs and report regularly on budgeting as the matter progresses. 

We are client focused and responsive and, where required, can monitor our costs against a client’s specific criteria.  We issue invoices and report monthly, although we are happy to consider other arrangements which might be more suitable.

Progressive and practical

Maurice Turnor Gardner strives to adopt a progressive and practical approach to fee arrangements and where appropriate use alternative fee structures such as fixed fees and monthly retainers to align our own interests with those of our clients.