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Advice to private banks

We advise private banks in the UK and the rest of the world on a spectrum of issues.


These range from the acquisition, disposal and reorganisation of various parts of their business and the establishment of private banking operations in the UK and elsewhere.

Internal policies and best practice

We work closely with banks on the development of internal policy guidelines and best practice regulations and procedures, drafting precedent documents and advising generally on fiduciary duties.

Dealings with counterparties

In addition, we advise private banks on their dealings with wealthy individual counterparties, for example, on sophisticated lending, private equity and hedge fund transactions, and international tax and succession planning structures, remittance and other tax considerations and assisting the bank’s clients in meeting their philanthropic intentions. We have previously advised private bank clients on the trust elements of concluding derivatives transactions with trustee counterparties.

Products and Services

We are demonstrably able to support private banks as required to enable them to develop new products and services to meet the needs of their wealthy international customers and stay ahead of their competitors.