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Our probate experts are able to guide clients through the procedural formalities inherent in the formal probate process and subsequent administration of an estate.

Who do we help?

We are well-placed to support families, executors and personal representatives on the challenges that they will experience during an inevitably difficult time.

Our experience

Owing to the nature of our client base, we have particular experience of complex, high-profile and high-value probates which frequently have cross-jurisdictional features. We also advise on the issues surrounding intestacy, post-death variations and the tax implications of post-death arrangements. 

Advice to private banks on probate matters

In addition to this, we work closely with a number of our private bank clients on the legal, practical and tax issues which are relevant to them upon the death of their account holders.

Contentious probate matters

Our Dispute Resolution team has a wealth of experience advising on contentious and pre-contentious probate matters and, in recent years, the firm has been involved with some of the most high-profile and complex multi-party and multi-jurisdictional litigation of this kind.

Our fees

We charge for our services on a time spent basis with reference to hours recorded. Hourly rates range from £205 for a trainee to £610 for a senior partner (excluding VAT and third party expenses). The team (the members of which can be seen on this page) will be selected with a view to ensuring that the work is done on the most cost efficient basis. No individual’s personal affairs are exactly the same but typical fee estimates for the range of work we do can be seen by clicking the link below. We do not charge a percentage of the value of the estate.

Probate Fees