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Charity Law Firm of the Year 2017

Citywealth 2017 Magic Circle award

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Finance Bill 2017

A summary of what may happen before and after the election to the provisions of the Finance Bill

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Jennifer Chambers' 60 second interview with STEP

Following the Philanthropy and Charity Team's award (Philanthropy Team of the Year) by STEP, Jennifer Chambers, who leads the team, gave an interview to STEP.

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Who's Who Legal: Private client

Five outstanding nominees represent London based private wealth boutiques Maurice Turnor Gardner including Ceris Gardner, Clare Maurice, Richard Turnor, Arabella Murphy and Ed Powles.

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Partner poaching - navigating the movement of law firm partners and practice teams

Skilled partners and practice teams are a valuable asset in law firms. How prevalent is the movement of partners and practice teams between law firms now and is there anything a firm can do legally to prevent losing their best talent?

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Have we lost trust in trusts?

Are trusts simply for keeping wealth in the hands of the privileged few? Arabella Murphy explains why this assumption obscures legitimate reasons for them.

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Bainbridge - Tracing the proceeds of a mistake

Can voluntary dispositions can be rescinded under the doctrine of mistake? The Bainbridges, who farmed in partnership had incorrect professional advice that no CGT charge would arise on the transfer of three parcels of farmland to a trust.

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Changes to Tier 1 and Tier 2 visas

Proposed changes to the Tier 1 (Investor) visa route and further restrictions on those applying for Tier 2 (General) visas create further obstacles for those who wish to relocate to or work in the UK.

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De-enveloping – Real Estate Aspects

The government has been trying to discourage the purchase and holding of UK residential property by non-UK using a company structure - historically for privacy reasons or to manage their exposure to UK inheritance tax (IHT).

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Update on the proposals to reform the taxation of non UK domiciliaries

The 2015 “Summer Budget” announced fundamental changes to the taxation of non-UK domiciliaries affecting UK resident but non-UK domiciliaries and trusts or individuals owning UK residential property through an offshore company or other opaque vehicle.

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Reforms to the Taxation of UK Residential Property

The 2015 “Summer Budget” (8 July 2015) heralded the announcement of fundamental changes to the taxation of non-UK domiciliaries with effect from 6 April 2017.

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Holding Structures for UK Residential Property

Over recent years there have been a number of changes to the rules on the taxation of UK residential property and in July 2015, a further announcement was made which will affect the use of corporate holding structures.

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Spear’s Posts

What the EuroMillions dispute teaches about family wealth

You may have seen the news articles last week concerning a EuroMillions winner’s son, who has lost a court battle for 'money for life'.

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Tax manifesto pledges that HNWs would welcome

The most recent Sunday Times Rich List indicated that HNWs are currently thriving in the UK, but what might they want to see in a party’s election manifesto?

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Non-dom reform: not as dead as you think

To paraphrase Mark Twain: reports of the deaths of the non-dom changes in the Finance Bill have been greatly exaggerated (his version was much catchier).

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How marathons bring out the best in philanthropy

Last year, the marathon raised close to £60 million and every year for the last decade it has broken the world record for the highest figure raised by an annual one-day charity event.

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