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  • Have we lost trust in trusts?

    Are trusts simply for keeping wealth in the hands of the privileged few? Arabella Murphy explains why this assumption obscures legitimate reasons for them.

    Posted by Arabella Murphy on
  • Bainbridge - Tracing the proceeds of a mistake

    Can voluntary dispositions can be rescinded under the doctrine of mistake? The Bainbridges, who farmed in partnership had incorrect professional advice that no CGT charge would arise on the transfer of three parcels of farmland to a trust.

    Posted by Arabella Murphy on
  • Changes to Tier 1 and Tier 2 visas

    Proposed changes to the Tier 1 (Investor) visa route and further restrictions on those applying for Tier 2 (General) visas create further obstacles for those who wish to relocate to or work in the UK.

    Posted by Aurea Kevill on
  • "Should I stay or should I go now?" - The implications of Summer Budget 2015 for foreign domiciliaries

    The run up to the 2015 general election involved a great deal of uncertainty in relation to the future taxation of non-UK domiciled individuals. Claire Roberts considers their position in an article published in the Rothschilds Trust Review October 2015.

    Posted by Claire Weeks on
  • Non-doms - What’s proposed, including the radical reform to non-UK resident trusts by Arabella Murphy & Claire Roberts

    The publication of the government’s consultation paper on the taxation of non-domiciles was possibly the most eagerly anticipated event since the Rugby World Cup – if not by the general public, certainly by those who advise international families.

    Posted by Arabella Murphy on
  • COLP Bleet 19 June 2015

    In this week’s news, the SRA has issued guidance highlighting the importance of identifying when client money is missing and taking immediate steps to replace it, and has published further examples of practices used by fraudsters targeting law firms.

    Posted by Corinne Staves on
  • COLP Bleet 12 June 2015

    As the sun shines on the hottest day of the year in London, the SRA continues to shine a light on cyber crime risks, and the Law Society has helpfully created a free online training module for solicitors.

    Posted by Corinne Staves on
  • COLP Bleet 14 May 2015

    It was an exciting week for the legal profession as we learn that Gateley are the first law firm to seek an AIM listing. It will be interesting to see whether this step gives them the ‘first mover advantage’ as they hope.

    Posted by Corinne Staves on
  • Blight Moves: Where next for properties affected by HS2?

    With the Conservatives’, Labour’s and the Lib Dems’ manifestos all pledging support for HS2 and only UKIP promising to scrap the project, it seems unlikely that the next government, whatever the colour, will put HS2 into reverse.

    Posted by Mary Campbell on
  • COLP Bleet 16.03.2015

    Some interesting developments with respect to training and competence, which is timely given that we are told by the law Society that Generation Y are a new breed with unprecedented career expectations.

    Posted by Corinne Staves on