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How best to obtain a UK visa for Christmas (take note, Santa)

A few weeks ago, a generously proportioned, hirsute and rather jovial individual sought our advice in relation to some cross-border travel he was contemplating over the Christmas period. He explained that he wished to enter the UK on 24 December, and leave not later than 25 December, for the purpose of distributing small items to individuals who had been 'good'.

He would enter by private air transport, bringing with him six reindeer, some assistants (elves) and possibly his wife. As with any potential new client, it was essential to identify the areas on which he might need advice, and we agreed that, in his case, the main concerns were immigration (for him, his employees, pets and dependants), personal tax status, and customs duty and VAT issues.

To read the article in full go to Spear's blog

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