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April 2014 Archive

  • Americans coming to Britain must beware a tax nightmare

    As a visitor, you thought you were allowed to come to the UK for up to six months at any one time but Border Control now tell you that you are spending too much time in the UK and are effectively 'residing in the UK' in breach of the visitor visa rules

    Posted on
  • What form could the proposed Mansion Tax take?

    The initial proposal was for a flat tax of 1 per cent on the excess value over £2 million for a home. In any event, if introduced the taxation of residential property in England and Wales would become extremely complex.

    Posted by Edward Burton on
  • HMRC is in the hot seat as anti-avoidance looks set to get tougher

    In a recent report the National Audit Office (NAO) was critical of the lack of systematic monitoring of the use of tax reliefs by HMRC and the Treasury, and expressed serious concern that this creates myriad opportunities for avoidance.

    Posted by Hannah Blakey on
  • The social investment tax relief meets bemused enthusiasm

    The government is pressing ahead with the proposals to provide tax incentives for investment in qualifying social enterprises. Capital gains may be able deferred; disposals of these investments will be CGT free; and income tax relief will be available.

    Posted by Hannah Blakey on
  • Save the Land Registry - One of England's glories

    Anyone who has ever bought, sold or had any other dealings with land will appreciate the essential role that the Land Registry plays as a trusted source of guaranteed and authoritative information.

    Posted by Edward Burton on
  • LLP tax changes hit hard

    The text of Richard Turnor and Corinne Staves' article regarding the changes to the taxation of partnerships and LLPs, first published in Private Equity News, is reproduced below with their kind permission.

    Posted by Richard Turnor on