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Ceris Gardner honoured at Spear's Wealth Management Awards 2014

Spear's Wealth Management make this award for the wealth management professional across any field who has best demonstrated in 2013-14 their indispensability and excellence to their clients beyond their normal role.

At the presentation of the award to Ceris, Josh Spero of Spear's Wealth Management said "Spear's Trusted Adviser is a new award. Trust has been one of those qualities desperately sought since 2008 and yet so elusive, and it is important to us that our readers know who they can trust. Everyone in The Spear’s 500, of course, we recommend, but some of those individuals stand out.

They are the people HNWs turn to not just for their eminent professional skills but for wise counsel on subjects beyond their sector: for strategic advice on their business, for long-term thinking about their wealth, even for help when a son has gone wayward or a daughter is marring a hunky hoodlum."

To read more about the awards, go to Spear's Wealth Management magazine.

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