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October 2015 Archive

  • Lord Lucan still isn't dead... yet

    In 1999, Lord Lucan was officially declared dead by the High Court. This granted the family probate over the estate. However, that declaration could not deal with all the administrative issues.

    Posted by Hannah Blakey on
  • Can art criticism ever be defamatory?

    When asked by The Guardian why Geller and his fellow protestors object to Renoir's paintings so much, Geller responded that 'in real life, trees are beautiful.

    Posted on
  • How to avoid a family feud over your estate when you’re gone

    At the heart of almost every dispute is a perception of unfairness, whether from the split of assets on a person's death or unequal treatment during a lifetime

    Posted by Corinne Staves on
  • HMRC's top ten excuses, 2015 edition

    It's getting to that time of year again when you take a look back, get all your money together and work out how much you have to give to keep people happy. No, I'm not talking about Christmas - I'm talking about your tax return.

    Posted by Colin Senez on
  • Non-Domicile consultation published

    Partner Arabella Murphy, Head of Private Wealth, was quoted in an article in the Financial Times on 1 October 2015 on the Treasury’s consultation regarding proposed changes to the taxation of non-UK domiciled individuals.

    Posted by Arabella Murphy on