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2016 Archive

  • Charity CEOs deserve to be well paid

    Research undertaken by Charity Finance Magazine has suggested that in 2015, chief executives working for the UK’s top 100 charities had an average remuneration package of just over £167,000.

    Posted by Sophie Mazzier on
  • Who's Who Legal: Private client

    Five outstanding nominees represent London based private wealth boutiques Maurice Turnor Gardner including Ceris Gardner, Clare Maurice, Richard Turnor, Arabella Murphy and Ed Powles.

    Posted on
  • No let up for HNWs from the taxman

    A recent report issued by the National Audit Office (NAO) has confirmed that HMRC is currently conducting formal enquiries into the tax affairs of around a third of the UK’s high net worth individuals.

    Posted by Hannah Blakey on
  • David Bowie’s £33 million art sale negates hefty inheritance tax bill

    Part of the wonderfully eclectic collection of artworks accumulated by the late David Bowie went under the hammer at Sotheby’s earlier this month. Unsurprisingly, many works sold for prices that exceeded the estimates given by the auction house.

    Posted by Rosalind Hetherington on
  • Why Giving Tuesday beats Black Friday

    Forget Black Friday (which we are led to believe, by the popular press, is generally a con anyway), cast out the Scrooge-inspired dreams of ‘doing’ the festive season on the cheap - the date for your calendar should really be Giving Tuesday.

    Posted by Anna Gaston on
  • The inheritance tax advantage of skipping a generation

    According to MP Gavin Barwell, pensioners should ‘disinherit their children and instead leave their homes and wealth to their grandchildren, to help young people to get onto the property ladder’.

    Posted by Arabella Murphy on
  • What happens to your ‘digital estate’ on death?

    In a world where many of us are increasingly leading our lives online, how many of us have really thought about what we would do if we lost access to our online accounts?

    Posted by Sophie Wettern on
  • How HMRC flexes its muscles with Post-it notes

    HMRC is apparently sticking Post-it notes on letters addressed to tax payers, saying something along the lines of, 'Please give me a call, if you would like to discuss,' followed by a first name and telephone number.

    Posted by Colin Senez on
  • How best to financially future-proof your children

    The children of HNW individuals might, at some point, be destined to inherit a large amount of assets after the HNW parent is no longer there to guide them in managing their inheritance.

    Posted by Rosalind Hetherington on
  • Proposed changes by the SRA

    The legal professional is facing the risk of permanent damage if the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) does not listen to the City’s warnings about its proposed regulatory changes. This could be bad news for clients, solicitors, and the City.

    Posted by Corinne Staves on