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"Deal or no deal" The Implications of Brexit for Private Clients

If the UK and EU are able to reach an agreement, the kinds of terms that the UK and EU might include have begun to become clearer over recent months.  

However, the prospects of a deal have apparently cooled, following unproductive summits and with no apparent ‘meeting of minds’ on the UK’s future relationship with the EU.  All sides are now making greater efforts to prepare for a ‘no-deal’ scenario, and there is a fairly clear picture emerging of what that would look like.  A further option is that there is no deal and we revert to dealing on WTO terms with one another, but in the final weeks each side offers temporary unilateral concessions (such as agreeing to recognise the standards and regulations of the other), intended to keep planes flying and trade moving while more permanent arrangements are made.  To some extent, the UK’s current no-deal planning has some of this feel about it.

We consider the possible implications for private clients (and those who provide services to them): family offices, immigration/residence, personal assets, real estate and tax in a deal/no-deal scenario in a briefing which can be accessed below.

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