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Client service: MTG a best-rated law firm

We're delighted to feature in Legal Business Magazine's in-depth report "Client service uncovered: The best-rated firms revealed", which looks at how smaller, specialist firms can outrank their larger rivals for client service.

Maurice Turnor Gardner scored in the report's top 20 such firms for this measure, which took into account lawyer/team quality, sector/industry knowledge, and billing & efficiency, alongside individual client feedback.

As a firm, we believe that our smaller size and specialist focus give us the flexibility to best serve our clients' needs while continuing to provide the very best quality legal advice. As comments in the article note, "there is no other private client law firm in London which provides its advice with such profound intellectual clout yet in a personable manner".

To read the full report, featuring insights from our Managing Partner Emma-Jane Weider, please click here.

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