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MEET | THE | EXPERTS - Charities: navigating uncertainty

Join us for the next MEET | THE | EXPERTS webinar on Wednesday 22 July at 14:30pm.

Partner Ed Powles will chair a discussion by panelists Kate Goldberg (Chief Executive Officer of the Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation and the Maurice & Vivienne Wohl Philanthropic Foundation), Jill Halford (National Head of Charities, BDO LLP) and Jennifer Emms (Partner Elect, Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP) on how those running charities can navigate these difficult waters, offering a practical, financial and legal insight on key matters such as reserves and going concern, grant-making, safeguarding and trustee liabilities.

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This article by Jennifer Emms and Sophie Wettern provides a "behind the scenes" introduction to charity law. In the first of two articles, they look at the meaning of "charity", the various forms a charity might take and the basics of charity taxation.

MEET | THE | EXPERTS: Charities: Navigating uncertainty

The MEET | THE | EXPERTS panel Kate Goldberg, Jill Halford and Jennifer Emms, with Ed Powles in the chair, shared their views on how those running charities can navigate difficult waters.

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