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MEET | THE | EXPERTS: A Taxing Time or Time for Tax

Register for our next MEET | THE | EXPERTS webinar on 24 March at 11.00 am

March sees the launch of the Treasury Committee’s report ‘Tax after coronavirus’ (on 1 March), Budget Day (on 3 March) and a late release (on 23 March)  of a number of tax related consultations and calls for evidence.  Join Experts Emma Chamberlain, Arun Advani, Alexander Marcham and MTG’s Fiona Poole to see how you or your private clients might be affected by the developments in March.

  • Will there be tax rises for the many or the few?
  • What will be the focus of the delayed tax consultations and calls for evidence?
  • Will we start to see changes in capital taxes like CGT and IHT?
  • Will the government break their triple lock pledge?
  • Might we see a one off temporary surcharge, an NHS tax?
  • Or possibly a one off wealth tax?
  • Will it be the end of pensions tax relief?
  • Or is it still simply too soon for any material change?

Click here to register.



 Dr Arun Advani (Assistant Prof of Economics, Warwick and author of the Wealth Tax Commission’s report on ‘A Wealth Tax for the UK’)

Emma Chamberlain OBE CTA (Tax barrister and Visiting Professor at Oxford University, and author of ‘Taxation of Wealth and Wealth Transfers’ for the Mirrlees Review and the Wealth Tax Commission’s report on ‘A Wealth Tax for the UK’)

Alexander Marcham (Private Client Director, PwC)



 Fiona Poole (Partner, Maurice Turnor Gardner)

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