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Tax Day: Private Client spotlight

What is Tax Day?

Ordinarily we see tax consultations and calls for evidence published alongside the Chancellor’s statement on Budget Day. This year, a little under a week before Budget Day, the government announced that all tax consultations and calls for evidence would be delayed until 23 March, the date which has since been dubbed “Tax Day”.

For a summary of Budget highlights relevant to the private client please see our separate briefing https://www.mauriceturnorgardner.com/media/attachments/2021.03_Budget_2021_1.pdf

The purpose of this briefing is to tell you about our expectations for Tax Day and what was and what was not included in the heavily anticipated Command Paper. We have also included links to external sources for further information.

On Tax Day the government published its Command Paper and accompanying documents designed to enhance the stability and effectiveness of the UK tax system by outlining a future pathway for its tax administration and tax policy development. The separation of Tax Day from Budget Day was, in part, to allow for more transparency and to ensure tax professionals have a better opportunity to respond and thereby strengthen tax policy-making.

Please click on the link below to read our full briefing.

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