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2018 Archive

  • Rags to riches and back again

    Eesha Arora and Sophie Wettern offer some ideas for navigating intergenerational conflicts in wealthy families

    Posted by Eesha Arora on
  • Planning for deemed domicile after 15 years

    Emma-Jane Weider and Claire Weeks (Maurice Turnor Gardner) focus on those UK resident individuals who are non-UK domiciled but who will become ‘deemed domiciled’ for tax purposes from the start of the 2019/20.

    Posted by Emma-Jane Weider on
  • "Deal or no deal" The Implications of Brexit for Private Clients

    After the Brexit Referendum, we published a note identifying areas of interest for private clients. We revisit those topics and consider the possible implications in a deal/no-deal scenario.

    Posted by Arabella Murphy on
  • Budget Briefing 2018

    The main focus of the UK’s Budget statement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on was, it appears, not to create any major surprises or shocks before the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019.

    Posted by Arabella Murphy on
  • Generosity Per Square Foot

    Over 120,000 gifts were made from more than 36,000 estates in the UK last year, with charities receiving legacy income of more than £2.8 billion – the highest figure on record say Claire Weeks and Sophie Wettern.

    Posted by Claire Weeks on
  • The best of both worlds

    Eesha Arora and Sophie Wettern examine the risks of settlor’s reserved powers, and recent changes to this area of law.

    Posted by Eesha Arora on
  • Can your child bring you into the tax net? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

    It might also be necessary for the parents to get their own affairs in order and ensure that their child’s presence in the UK does not make them inadvertently UK resident.

    Posted by Fiona Poole on
  • Requirement to Correct

    The Requirement to Correct (RTC) provisions require taxpayers with outstanding UK tax liabilities existing at 5 April 2017 relating to offshore interests, to come forward to correct their filing and tax position before 30 September 2018.

    Posted by Arabella Murphy on
  • Transparency enhanced in the UK

    UK Government takes further steps to improve transparency with a new register of persons with significant control of companies which hold UK property.

    Posted by Fiona Poole on