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Asset-holding structures

  • Trusts: protection for trustees - thoughts and experiences in practice

    At its most basic, a trustee owes a higher duty of care to look after someone else’s assets their own. A trustee acts personally, and if an individual, without the protection of any form of limited liability.

    Posted by Paul Whitehead on
  • The advantages and uses of trusts

    Click to read our latest note summarising the main features of a trust, and why they can be an advantageous means of holding assets.

    Posted by Emma-Jane Weider on
  • Budget 2020

    The new Chancellor’s first Budget of a new Parliament was one of aspiration, commitment and big spending.

    Posted on
  • Getting your house in order

    Considerations around the holding of UK residential property by international clients.

    Posted by Eesha Arora on
  • Budget 2014

    On 19 March 2014, the Chancellor delivered his fifth Budget. From a private wealth perspective, the most significant proposed change was the extension of the new measures relating to enveloped residential dwellings.

    Posted by Sarah Conway on