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Search results for Associates

Consultants, Associates and Trainees

Photograph of Hannah Blakey

Hannah Blakey

Senior Associate
Photograph of Nicola Boulter

Nicola Boulter

Trainee Solicitor
Photograph of Mary Campbell

Mary Campbell

Senior Counsel
Photograph of Emilly Chalk

Emilly Chalk

Photograph of Tessa Cumming-Bruce

Tessa Cumming-Bruce

Photograph of Ines Dawson

Ines Dawson

Photograph of Anna Gaston

Anna Gaston


Aalia Hulf

Trainee Solicitor
Photograph of Jerry Jamieson

Jerry Jamieson


James Jarvis

Trainee Solicitor
Photograph of Sophie Mazzier

Sophie Mazzier

Photograph of Gareth Milner

Gareth Milner

Photograph of Olivia Minghella

Olivia Minghella

Photograph of Claire Plaskasovitis

Claire Plaskasovitis

Graduate member of CILEx
Photograph of Colin Senez

Colin Senez

Senior Associate
Photograph of Stuart Smyth

Stuart Smyth

Senior Associate
Photograph of Anna Tragotsi

Anna Tragotsi

Trainee Solicitor
Photograph of Rebecca Waterhouse

Rebecca Waterhouse

Senior Associate
Photograph of Sophie Wettern

Sophie Wettern

Photograph of Alice Wheatley

Alice Wheatley