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Photograph of Eesha Arora

Eesha Arora

Photograph of Jennifer Chambers

Jennifer Chambers

Partner - Head of Private Wealth
Photograph of Sarah Conway

Sarah Conway

Partner - Head of Real Estate
Photograph of Ceris Gardner

Ceris Gardner

Partner - Head of Charities and Immigration
Photograph of Clare Maurice

Clare Maurice

Senior Partner
Photograph of Arabella  Murphy

Arabella Murphy

Private Wealth Director
Photograph of Fiona Poole

Fiona Poole

Photograph of Ed Powles

Ed Powles

Photograph of Corinne Staves

Corinne Staves

Partner - Head of Professional Practices
Photograph of Rupert Ticehurst

Rupert Ticehurst

Partner - Head of Dispute Resolution
Photograph of Richard Turnor

Richard Turnor

Photograph of Emma-Jane Weider

Emma-Jane Weider

Managing Partner

Consultants, Associates and Trainees

Photograph of Hannah Blakey

Hannah Blakey

Photograph of Edward Burton

Edward Burton

Photograph of Mary Campbell

Mary Campbell

Senior Counsel

Emilly Chalk

Photograph of Ines Dawson

Ines Dawson

Photograph of Jennifer Emms

Jennifer Emms

Photograph of Anna Gaston

Anna Gaston

Senior Associate
Photograph of Simon Goldring

Simon Goldring

Senior Associate
Photograph of Jerry Jamieson

Jerry Jamieson

Photograph of Sophie Mazzier

Sophie Mazzier

Photograph of Gareth Milner

Gareth Milner

Photograph of Olivia Minghella

Olivia Minghella

Photograph of Claire Plaskasovitis

Claire Plaskasovitis

Graduate member of CILEx
Photograph of Clare Powell

Clare Powell

Photograph of Catherine Pugsley

Catherine Pugsley

Senior Associate
Photograph of Colin Senez

Colin Senez

Senior Associate
Photograph of Stuart Smyth

Stuart Smyth


Anna Tragotsi

Photograph of Rebecca Waterhouse

Rebecca Waterhouse

Photograph of Claire Weeks

Claire Weeks

Photograph of Sophie Wettern

Sophie Wettern

Photograph of Alice Wheatley

Alice Wheatley


Personal Assistants

Photograph of Madeline Adams

Madeline Adams

Legal Administrative Assistant
Photograph of Heather Hinds

Heather Hinds

PA Manager
Photograph of Audrey Larmond

Audrey Larmond

Senior PA

Mimi Oluwande

Legal Administrative Assistant
Photograph of Millie Raftery

Millie Raftery

Senior PA
Photograph of Joanna Rix

Joanna Rix

Legal Administrative Assistant

Administration & Finance

Photograph of Kirsty Hart

Kirsty Hart

Risk and Compliance EA

David Kochanowicz

IT Assistant
Photograph of Libby Manie

Libby Manie

Finance Assistant
Photograph of Laura Pettit

Laura Pettit

Business Development Manager
Photograph of Richard Price

Richard Price

Finance & IT Manager
Photograph of Alison Ritchie

Alison Ritchie

Finance and Operations Director
Photograph of Natalie Spyrou

Natalie Spyrou

Finance & Operations EA
Photograph of Susan Turnbull

Susan Turnbull

Assistant Finance Manager